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Career Agents Network Search Entrepreneurs, Inc. is the latest incarnation of a business idea that dates back to the incorporation of Health Career Agents and perhaps even earlier. Career Agents Network slithered into this new identity on December 14, 2010. Although the information provided by Health Career Agents disclosures states that there wasn't any predecessor company, there appears to have been (and continues to exist) another entity started by the same individual and incorporated under the laws of the state of Missouri named Internet Recruiting Group. This corporation was formed on 08/28/2000 by Brian Marchant-Calsyn (Missouri Charter #00487291). I thought it was a bit unusual that a guy had a hyphenated last name but didn't give it exhaustive thought (in retrospect I should have sought the answer to the question!). It was much later that I found out that Marchant-Calsyn was a legal name change Brian made subsequent to his release from prison on a felony drug conviction. According to a post in the Riverfront Times, Brian was incarcerated in the United States Penitentiary in Lewisburg, PA. for felony drug possession of LSD with the intent to distribute (Bureau of Prisons Inmate #04715-030). Lewisburg is listed as a "high security" facility with a satellite "minimum security" facility adjacent.

Brian Marchant-Calsyn also owns another company, which at the time of this publication, maintains it's physical office inside one of those tiny mailboxes at a UPS store near the St. Louis airport. This is based on the return address provided for Corporate Finance of America (CFA) in a demand letter received by a Health Career Agents member that financed part of their purchase under a note through CFA. CFA was formed on 06/16/2006 (Missouri Charter #00746197) and provided financing to people that didn't have all of the purchase price for the Health Career Agents Program. A prospective owner was allowed to finance as much as 40% of the purchase price at credit card interest rates.  Several owners I've spoken with have said that they never received a statement and until January of 2009 weren't truly aware of their balance. January 2009 was when Brian began making calls to them with demands for full payment. At least one of these members has retained the voice-mail message left by Brian demanding the payment, which may be posted at some later date for your listening pleasure. Imagine how disconcerting it was for one of the owners that purchased a membership in Health Career Agents in December of 2008 for $49,900.00, financing $20,000.00 of that with one of Brian's other companies only to learn in the following month that the "new" program under Career Agents Network was $29,900.00. When attempting to collect the $20,000.00 balance (plus interest) in July, Brian informed them in a voicemail (timestamped 07/15/2009 1:16 PM) that Health Career Agents was a "train dead on the tracks... stuck at the station". If you didn't want to use CFA for the financing a portion of your purchase, Health Career Agents was willing to give you a referral to another source of capital funding for your purchase. That referral would be to CCC Capital Funding, owned by... Brian Marchant-Calsyn (Missouri Charter #00845463).

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